First Family Wedding

Keith announced the great news of his engagement with Jovi during one of our family dinners a few months ago, the whole family was very happy and my grandma bursted into happy tears. 

28 March was Jovi & Keith’s wedding and it is actually the first in the family of my generation.  I am a wedding planner but I didn’t get involved with the arrangement of their wedding since they said they just want to keep things simple and they could probably handle things by themselves.  However, I volunteered to take care of the bouquet and all corsages as my wedding gift to them since I do not really like to give “lai see” as a gift (note: “lai see” is red pocket similar to those given out during Chinese New Year with money as a gift to the couple) and I gave them a few tips and reminders.  The bouquet I arranged was really pretty.  I loved it very much myself.  With purple vanda orchids, purple hyacinth and off-white ranunculus, really pretty. (Speaking of flowers, I will write a posting shortly to provide more information to soon-to-marry couples and those who are interested)

On the 28th, I didn’t need to help out for the traditional “bride pick-up” session in the morning, but I went anyways since I wanted to make sure the flowers I have ordered are of expectation.  I also wanted to take some snap shots of the fun time as well as practice my photography skills.  I woke up bright and early that morning (even earlier than going to work!) and travelled all the way to Tuen Mun to join the crowd.  The “bride pick up” session was, as usual, very fun to watch.  Caught some great photos while my cousin and the groomen went through the various stages of games.  Upon mission accomplished, we went back to my uncle’s house for the Chinese Tea Ceremony then took a break for lunch.

I arrived the banquet venue quite early since I need to help out as part of the hosting family.  Dinner started at alround 8:30pm with the ceremony.  When I saw my cousin marched in with Jovi, I bursted into tiny happy tears.  It felt really different to see one of my family members getting married than to see my clients’.  I guess this is the difference between viewing the whole scene from a guest’s point of view vs. from a wedding planner standing beside / behide the couple.  The night went great.  Everyone was tired but I am sure everyone had enjoyed the day very much.

All in all, I want to send my best wishes to Keith and Jovi.  Hopefully, we will celebrate a new member to our family very soon! =)

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