“The Perfect Wife”

What kind of qualities do you think “The Perfect Wife” should have?  I just finished reading an interesting article on newspaper regarding this topic.  This article is not some made-up point of views but some research group in Geneva actually done a research to conclude with these proven factors. 

The research group collected information from 1074 pairs of couple whose ages between 19-75 years old and found out that “The Perfect Wife” should be of age 5 years younger than the husband, with similar background and smarter than the husband.  They concluded that if a gentleman married a wife with the mentioned qualities, the chances of this couple having a very successful marriage would be 20% higher.  Having said the above, they have given Queen Elizebeth II and her husband as an example of such case. 

So, what kind of qualities do you think “The Perfect Husband” should have?

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